Commercial drone pilot for videography and photography

Needing a safe and reliable drone pilot for videography and photography? I hold a drone PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) certification. The PfCO is a legal requirement for professional work with UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles)  in the UK. I am authorised by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Safety is critical when operating drones professionally, and I aim for high safety standards. I minimise risk by use of cordons, clearly marked landing area, and additional ground safety personnel depending on the project. I have Public liability insurance for both drone and video services.

I can offer services for film, TV production, event organisers, real estate companies and various medium & small businesses. I can also work with all areas of the construction industry from roof surveys to development documenting.

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Prices start from £350 for a half day single pilot for photography and/or video.

Additional costs considerations for:

  • Additional ground safety crew
  • Video editing
  • Transport to location
  • Obtaining flight permits in restricted air space

Please contact for a quote