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I specialise in events, short form documentary and promotional videos.

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  • The Year Of Lost Music

    During lockdown, I created a short documentary exploring the affect of covid19 on the live music industry. From idea inception to final edit, it took 2 weeks.

    Watch this award winning documentary
  • Tajikistan Tourism Promotional video

    The aim is to showcase the country's varied landscapes and historical culture. This was also chosen to be shown on the new video service Lonely Planet website. Lonely Planet is an international brand for travellers of many decades.

    Tourism promotional video
  • CIPS post event promotion

    Promoting awards and conference for the supply chain industry through a series of short interviews for social media. As well as the talking head intervews, there was also an after event movie to showcase the glamour of the night.

    View the promotional video
  • ROSS conference "After Movie"

    A short movie capturing the 2 day conference with speaker interviews. The brief was to capture the event and act as a promotion for the next event.

    View the interviews separately here
  • Multi-camera live streamed music

    A song from a live-streamed and vision mixed music video. This was a multi-camera setup with high end production to show case unsigned bands.

    Live streamed live music
  • Luxury video tour

    A short walk through for a luxury flat. The brief was to create a cinematic style piece to capture the sense of space and colour graded in a warmer tone.

    Property video tours
  • Clear Cut Crypto

    A YouTube channel exploring Bitcoin and crypto currencies. I provided video production services to film, edit, green screen and create custom motion graphics.

    Watch Clear Cut Crypto videos here
  • CIPS Breakfast Meeting

    Video promoting the regular breakfast meeting events aimed at discussion and networking with the supply chain industry.

    View post event promotional interview
  • Ambassade

    This was part of a 3 man crew setup. Acting as the lead camera operator, I lead the team to make sure we capture the event perfectly.

    View examples of my live music filming here
  • Showreel "Promotional" style video

    There are a different styles and pacing of videos included to showcase the type of videos I can offer. All content shot and edited as a one man crew.

    View my "promotional" style showreel
  • Developer Interview

    Interview during the developer ROSS conference. One man operation from start to finish (setup, interview, filming and edit)

    View the other conference interviews
  • Short Documentary Film Challenge

    A film made for a documentary competition hosted by London Documentary Network. The film challenge was to create a documentary in 36 hours; this includes coming up with a concept, filming, editing, and submitting the film.

    "Born to Ride" (winning film)
  • Social Media Micro Content

    A piece of micro content used in social media. The audio is from a radio interview with additional visuals to give it a more dynamic feel.

    View the content used on Facebook
  • Event opening party (overnight edit)

    Our brief was to film and provide a fast (overnight) edit of a pre-event party to drum up buzz for a two-day conference. The highlight/promotional style content was shot in the evening and delivered the next morning.

    Quality filming and fast edits
  • Street Poet (cameraman)

    As part of a small project to document stories in London. My main roles was Camera Operator and Editor Assistant. The brief was to focus on storytelling to bring to life little known parts of London.

    View examples of stories in London
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    I am a video production professional who offers filming and editing services. I can help film your events and also bring videos to life with my focus on storytelling. 

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I can provide a reliable events filming solution. I aim to tell unique and engaging stories of your brand. 

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