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I specialise in events, short form documentary and promotional videos.

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  • Dalston Curve Garden

    I wanted to support a local community project who was helping the local elderly during the pandemic. Being stuck at home was putting a mental strain on this particularly vulnerable group, the Dalston Curve Gardens provided an oasis.

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  • The Year Of Lost Music (Short Doc)

    I created a short documentary exploring the effect of Covid-19 on the live music industry. From idea inception to the final edit, it took two weeks. The film the Bertha DocHouse film competition and shown at other film festivals.

    Watch the film
  • Explainer Video for Tech Startup

    The video aimed to summarise the benefits of a product from a new startup in an approachable and fun way in under 2 minutes. I was the creative director, assisted in script writing and producer for the video to manage the freelancers remotely.

    View the full animated video
  • Open Source Intelligence: An Anticorruption Actor's Guide Companion Video

    The brief was to turn around a companion video to an Open Source Intelligence work book. We had a very tight 9 days to script, shoot and edit this piece and we delivered in record time!

    Watch the OSINT guide
  • Alice - charity and blockchain/Crypto Currency

    The brief was to capture the energy and passion of the one of the founders of "Alice" , a crypto project based in London. The client was really happy and covering organisations helping charities was very satisfying!

    Watched the mini documentary
  • Global Citizen Prize (Filming the red carpet)

    This was the massive annual Global Citizen Prize event at the Royal Albert Hall 2017. I was the camera operator to film the red carpet whilst a producer interviewed various stars.

    Go to the Global Citizen YouTube channel
  • Music Studio Recording

    Militant Studios is a music studio based in South West London. They regularly have studio recordings with musicians and wanted to capture performances for social media.

    Watch Jo Jordan perform his latest song
  • CIPS post event promotion

    The video promoted an awards event and conference for the supply chain industry through a series of short interviews for social media. The brief was to capture the event in a highly engaging way that would promote the CIPS brand.

    View the promotional video
  • Clear Cut Crypto

    I was tasked to act as the videographer to create a series of pilot videos that explored Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I provided video production services to film, edit, green screen and create custom motion graphics with a tight budget.

    Watch Clear Cut Crypto videos here
  • ROSS conference "After Movie"

    A short movie capturing the 2 day developer conference/hackathon with speaker interviews and BTS footage. The brief was to capture the feeling of the event and act as a promotion for the next event in the series.

    View the interviews separately here
  • Multi-camera live streamed music

    This is one of the songs from a live-streamed and vision mixed music video of the band Last Seen Alive. This was a multi-camera setup with high end production to show case unsigned bands from the UK.

    Live streamed live music
  • Live stream for therapy session

    This was an innovative live-streamed therapy session with experts and the audience giving feedback. I was the camera operator managing four cameras whilst the vision mixer was next door.

    Watch the full stream on their YouTube channel
  • Luxury video tour

    A short walk through for a luxury student flat. The brief was to create a cinematic style piece to capture the sense of space and colour graded in a warmer tone. The idea was to attract international students into this high-end flat.

    Property video tours
  • Tajikistan Tourism Promotional video

    I was given existing footage to edit a video that showcased the country's varied landscapes and historical culture in an exciting and engaging way. The video went on to be part of a special selection on the new Lonely Planet video service.

    Tourism promotional video
  • CIPS Breakfast Meeting

    Video promoting the regular breakfast meeting events aimed at discussion and networking with the supply chain industry. Classic talking head with a fast turn around

    View post event promotional interview
  • Event opening party (overnight edit)

    Our brief was to film and provide a fast (overnight) edit of a pre-event party to drum up buzz for a two-day conference. The highlight/promotional style content was shot in the evening and delivered the next morning.

    Quality filming and fast edits
  • Street Poet (cameraman)

    As part of a small project to document stories in London. My main roles was Camera Operator and Editor Assistant. The brief was to focus on storytelling to bring to life little known parts of London.

    View examples of stories in London
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